- NR2003 ROSTER -

#05 Ed Fowler
#06 Bill Farmer
#09 Bryan Lamb
#0 Milt Minter Jr.
#3 Mark DiScenza
#8 Dino Francesconi
#10 Jesse Thomas
#11 Mathew Smedley
#12 Ryan Tracey
#13 Johnny Doucette
#14 Nick Walters
#15 Matt Watkins 
#16 Dennis Francesconi
#17 Troy Null
#19 James Hatch
#21 Mike Terwilliger
#22 Gregg Palmer 
#23 Jim Gately
#27 Dan Irvine
#29 Jeff Hale
#31 Brad Otto
#34 Shane Wissmann
#35 Rosko Hurst
#37 Adam Roberts
#38 Gregory Thurlow
#41 Chris Beckman
#43 Donald Ritchey
#47 Josh Elicker
#49 Don McCorriston
#50 Dave McCorriston
#51 Dave Jandrey
#52 Rick Johnson
#53 TG Reece
#59 Ryan Johnson
#62 Shawn Reap
#63 Jason Dulfer 
#68 Chet Barkin
#69 Doug Tevik
#72 Isaac Johnson
#74 Wesley Whitfield
#76 Chris Landry
#78 Jerry Foehrkolb
#83 Steve Weber
#86 David Sorrentino
#88 Terry Marinaro
#91 Ken Skjei
#92 Kevin Mayes
#95 Will Farmer
#98 Smoke
#99 Jim Margison
#016 Adam Semonick
#043 Brian Lovell
#101 Jeff Habick
#115 Dave Elens
#124 Rick Cassel
#151 Guy Pitra
#191 Mike Sanders
#333 Nick Fleck
#720 Zac Maroni

 (Also not available)

#018 Mike Baker
#4 Greg 'Bubba' Raser
#39 Texas Nation


Age Requirement: All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to run at FSB.  

Complete the application below and click submit.  You will be required to sign off on the rules too.  Visit
You will be contacted via email about a free tryout.
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Allow 24-48 hours for a response. - All applications are read by the promoter and admins, so it may take time.
Invalid or incomplete applications will be discarded. 

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Although you may run with us as non members, only members can receive awards, prize money, guaranteed number and car painting from our painters.

Be sure your email address is valid allow 24-48 hours for a response. Invalid or incomplete applications will be discarded.

How to obtain a FSB Membership

1. Plan to have fun!
2. Follow and maintain Club Rules. Rules Page
3. No reckless driving or intentional wrecking.
4. Show good sportsmanship win, lose or wreck. FSB is a Sportsmanship based league. Its what sets us apart. We will not tolerate calling drivers out in any form, in voice, social media and chat.
5. Have a stable connection.
6. Be accountable publicly when you mess up. And accept apologies when they are offered 
7. Allow others to make mistakes.
8. Learn from mistakes and try not to repeat them.
9. Be active in the post race forums and onDiscord 
10. Again, Have fun!

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Upon registration confirmation you will be able to compete in FSB iSeries events. If you are new to FSB you will be offered a membership after about 5 races here, and you are interested in a membership, our admins will vote you in. All you need to do, is never put other drivers down in any way here, in public chat or Social media, on Discord or TS. And you can keep the car straight and follow our rules. We will vote yay on that membership. Many dont survive that harsh no Flaming policy, but its what we do at FSB. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!!!!
Late Models Sunday Night 9:00
Road Rage Tuesday Nights 10:00
CTS Wednesdays Nights 9:30