Core Rules:

While these rules are listed alphabetically, the emphasis is good sportsmanship and keeping all communication positive. Please read the entire set of rules before joining us because you will be expected to know them and follow them at all times. Thank you! 

2 Incident Rule:

An "incident" defined by the FSB Series Admins: "A driver could have and probably should have done something different to avoid contact, damage, or loss of position to another car under green or yellow flag conditions." All drivers have caused them and all drivers deal with them. It is a part of racing we are limiting but we will never remove them from all events. Incident causation is a judgement call by our series admins. When in doubt, consider the incident yours.

Multiple drivers can be scored for the same incident if more than one driver is involved. This also includes a self-spin or issue that results in a yellow flag being thrown. Under green flag conditions and especially during caution laps, incidents can be scored. Drivers plowing into wrecked/parked cars after an incident can be an additional incident as well. Exceptions are self-spins or issues that do not negatively effect other cars and/or do not bring out a yellow flag. Those situations do not count as incidents.

All drivers must retire immediately after their second incident caused in one event. They must retire safely off the racing surface without causing more issues. Pulling into the correct pit stall and retiring is preferred. If a driver has not honored this rule he/she will sit out the next event in the same series and will be notified via email. Re-occurring situations will result in a week off from all series. These situations can lead to the "one-and-done" probationary status. Probationary drivers will start each race with one incident caused and will follow the rule from there until the probation is lifted. Repeated situations from the same driver will require the suspension or dismissal from fsbracing. This has been very successful in allowing drivers to stay in the league.

If a driver is unsure whether he/she has any fault in an incident, he/she is encouraged to count it as one. This will ensure access to the next event. Finishing and getting points at the time of the incident is far better than missing an event or a week of events. Series admins are not required to make the call mid-race but they can notify drivers if they choose to do so. Not all series have viewing admins. Admins will review the incidents afterwards and will get second opinions from other series admins on close calls and rule infractions. All penalties, probation, and suspensions will be handled via email between the driver in question and series admins.

An incident even partially caused is something a driver should apologize for. We have many forms of communication to ensure sportsmanship principals. Each event has a post race forum for positive comments and apologies. Those who have been wronged are encouraged to publicly accept the apology and move on. These practices make for a much more enjoyable racing environment. 

Arguing, Flaming & Bitching:

Drivers will not flame (disrespect, yell at and/or insult) another driver before, during, or after any event, in voice chat, chat or social media. If a driver feels another driver has acted inappropriately, they should contact the admin through private email. The forum and race chat will be monitored and censored by the admins. Flaming, offending and disrespecting another member or potential member will not be tolerated. Penalties and/or suspension can be administered because of flaming violations. Private messages in the game, forum or email to insult or threaten another driver may call of an instant dismissal.

Careless/Reckless Driving:

Careless and reckless driving will not be tolerated. If a driver believes another driver is handling their car in a careless or reckless manner they should notify the admin through private email. Save a replay. The admins will watch careless and reckless driving closely and penalize reoccurring issues accordingly. We all make mistakes but we all also have to be trying to improve each time out.


If a driver encounters repeated instances of poor driving or inappropriate actions by another driver, they are encouraged to contact the admin via private email. Save replays. Admins will review the incident/s objectively and warnings, penalties, and/or suspensions may be handed down. All on track incidents will be handled and/or discussed after the race. There are many drivers on the track so please exit quietly. Complaints will not be filed during a race or in the forum. Above all, do not flame in the game or on Teamspeak3. Again, disrespecting another driver or an admin will not be tolerated. If it is an immediate problem that must be addressed during a race, talk to the admin moderating the event and he will do all he can to correct the problem as soon as possible. The admin will make a ruling on all formal protests. The ruling is final.

Leaving the Track/Server:

If a driver leaves the track mid-race for any reason, they must park their car safely off the track. Drivers should do all they can not to bring out a caution when exiting. A driver’s exit that causes a yellow can be viewed as careless driving.

Logging in:

Drivers will not have substitute drivers for any reason on our servers. If you log in, you must be the one driving anytime you are on our server, bottom line. Failure to comply with this could result in penalties and/or a dismissal from FSB Racing.


Numbers are on a first come, first serve basis.  Please check the registration page. 

Passing Clean:

Drivers must not dive low to pass going into a corner late when it is not clear. This can be subjective. In on-line racing, contact is the number one no-no and should be avoided at all times, especially in the corners. Clean passing requires skill and patience. Practice and learn from mistakes. Just because you see an opening, does not mean it will be open when you get there. If you are being passed allow faster cars the room needed to get by safely. 

Passwords and email confidentiality:

All participants should maintain strict confidentiality of passwords, emails of other participants, etc., which may be distributed to certain members. Emailing the league roster should only be done by an admin. Use the PM in the forum to contact other drivers. If you want something emailed to the league, send it to the admin, he redistribute it.


At any time, warnings, point deductions, and suspensions may be handed down for problems. The admins will to their best to correct a problem ASAP. If it means making an example out of a driver, so be it. Be respectful at all times, do what an admin asks when the spotlight is on. We tend to focus on reoccurring issues. Some issues are more serious than others and are dealt with swiftly. Some issues are isolated and are monitored for some time. We all have bad nights and those effected need to let it go publicly. This theory only works when those who repeatedly ruin other’s races need to settle down and re-focus on pace racing to finish without contact or causing yellows.

Drivers who received warnings/penalties via private email need to follow them and the issue/s will usually be forgotten. Penalties are based on the severity of the issue/incidents, intent, accountability, and the ability to make things right. We will never stop preaching that this is not real. We do all we can to make it look and feel real, but it aint. We can control what we say and type a lot more than what we do on the virtual race track. That is what the admins here focus on enforcing. Showing respect. Try hard, but know much of the outcome is not decided by you. It’s racing, anything can happen.


The sessions will be open at least 90 minutes hours prior to each race time for practice. 


Each session will have a designated qualifying format. It will be set by time with an open track for cars to run together or we will have solo qualifying for a set number of laps for 5-10 minutes. 


Try to relax, have fun, and improve while racing within your limits. Start slow and let the tires warm at any track on any night. The goal is to get everyone running to the end, and then race to the finish line with whomever is close.

Retaliation/Intentional Wrecking:

Any driver who retaliates in any form during or after an event or intentionally wrecks another driver may be subject to an instant dismissal from the league.


We  go with the results the simulator gives us.  We do not adjust results.  The FSB iRacing Points. Laps1 point lap led, 1 point most laps led, and finishing position as follows:
1 - 21
2 - 19
3 - 18
4 - 17
5 - 16
6 - 15
7 - 14
8 - 13
9 - 12
10 - 11
11 - 10
12 - 9
13 - 8
14 - 7
15 - 6
16 - 5
17 - 5
18 - 5  etc.

Each driver will get 0 points for missing an event.  Some series may feature adjusted scoring methods. Some series will also feature dropped races.


If it is an occasional wreck by a driver, you must let it go. If you are getting repeatedly wrecked by a specific driver and feel you are not in a fair situation, e-mail an admin. It is our job to deal with these situations. Your jobs are to race as clean as possible and show respect for all drivers and the league at all times. You all represent our league.

The competitiveness of racing itself will frustrate us all. We understand that. But no one is allowed to show that disgust in public. Please offer suggestions or advice later in a non-hostile tone. You should mute your microphone, switch channels, or just bite your lip. We all get wrecked sometimes. We all wreck others. That's racing. If we wanted it to be perfect, we would all be racing off-line. Those who cannot follow these very simple "good sportsmanship" guidelines mom and dad should have taught us, will be dismissed from the league.


iRacing allows for the lead car/pole sitter to go as soon as the pace car ducks off. We will do the same. We go when the leader goes. 

Thank you:

We appreciate your interest the most fun, fair, and competitive racing league on the web.   All drivers must complete the sign-in process to gain access to our forums.   Submit your name, email, and comments up at the very bottom of this page for inquiries.  Here is the Registration Link. 

By submitting your name you agree to follow all rules and guidelines listed on this page. 

The rules were created by Jim Ray & the drivers of FSB Racing.  Any republication without permission is prohibited.

Welcome to our FSB iSeries Rules and Information Page

To complete the registration process at FSB, please read the rules and SIGN OFF at the bottom of the page, type your iRacing Name, email address, and the word "Sportsmanship" in the comments box.  A league manager will then set up your forum access and register you with iRacing at our league.


League Purpose: 

FSB Racing Incorporated is a Not For Profit business registered as a club, to provide a fun, fair, and competitive online racing environment for a select group of racing enthusiasts who enjoy good clean online racing.  We strongly believe the good sportsmanship and sense of humor shown by our members that are the factors that set us apart from other leagues. We are as competitive as any racing related organization out there.  However, it is just a game in the end and we realize that.  We try our best and race hard when the time is right.  

We are continually searching for drivers who fit that mold rather than racers who think this is real and display a “winning at all costs” mentality.  With multiple weekly sessions, 20 years of service, and Thousands of points races run, we realize there is always tomorrow.  Come on back and try your luck the next race!  Those of us who "get it" know that we are just lucky to hit Drive.


FSB Racing Established: 3/1/2003
FSB iSeries Established: 3/21/16
FSB Racing Inoorporated on April 29, 2022

(Last updated: 3/26/23)

iRacing System/Equipment Requirements:

Internet Connection Speed:
DSL, Cable, Fiber, 128K or faster – Supported. Satellite is not supported.

Voice Communication:
Discord required

As part of registration, please read the rules below and sign at the bottom to gain forum access and access to our iRacing events.
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